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EMN Invests US 16.25 Million Dollars in a Austrian Data Center ! Show/Hide News

Reference  |  Date: February 14, 2012 at 10:00 am

EMN, one of the top Multinational Corporation invests in a small player named Arikoza Inc to enhance the Network Migration of their existing Clients, EMN also owns the Company Arikoza Inc was stake of 28% as on date.

EMN Is looking forward to assist their subsidiaries to expand their IT operations and work for the long term global clients.

Arikoza Inc is was founded in 1999 by James Brat, a born and brought up company from Innsbruck, Austria .

Today the Chairman & Managing Director of EMN Corporation, Mr. Vishal Chipkar declared that he has plans of forming another 17 subsidiaries under EMN making Austria or Luxembourg as the European Head Quarters declaring each country with its own individual profit center policies,

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EMN acquires XgenGames Inc for USD 14 Million – Amsterdam Show/Hide News

Reference  |  Date: June 02, 2011 at 01:25 pm

EMN, USA, acquires an European Games Software Company for USD 14 Million, CEO of the XgenGames Inc, Mr.Clifford.H, initiated the plans of selling the entire company shares by considering the retirement plans of his Board of Directors, since the Company has been doing projects for EMN in a small scale, Which EMN has considered to have a Global presence in Amsterdam by taking over the Company for USD 14 M Only and its current potential resources. Director of EMN, USA, Mr.Vishal Chipkar, Today, On 2nd June at Apollolan 138 Business Centre, Amsterdam singed and acquired the Company Shares.

Mr.Chipkar said "These are the very important decisions made on behalf of my entire Board of directors considering the future growth, by keeping the same resources and adding 5% bonus annually to every employee."

Mr.Chipkar also said that” Heading to India with company representatives after a brief and successful personal survey done in Gwalior / Delhi, early this year, to start the operation ferociously in Gwalior and to link the Indian Infrastrture which is an offshore service module by declaring the acquired company for Delivery Services platform for our current global clients.“ Once the EMN operations starts in both these branches, there are plenty of chances for Cisco and SAP certified professionals in Europe to have a strong and potential career, EMN assures the local government (Dept of Labor & Local University chambers) by considering the best of breed man power values getting focused for the European Software Delivery platform by encouraging additional human resource for the organiasation.

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