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EMN’s Corporate public relations professionals frequently play the role of an outsider. By questioning decisions and their impact on customers, the community, employees, and others, public relation professionals bring the public perspective to an organization, fostering its ability to be responsive to public concerns.

A company's reputation, or the essence of how it is viewed by all of its publics, is the leading factor in its ability to achieve success. With this in mind, the battered image of the corporate world is no small matter. Restoring trust and helping companies to earn a reputation for credibility will require sound public relations leadership. Indeed, with corporate integrity central on the minds of average Americans, the role of public relations today is more critical than ever before.

EMNs PR Agency (Outsourced) works on the standard ethics of our Corporate World,

  • Earnings and business performance,
  • Stability and fairness as an employer,
  • Level of integrity in business practices,
  • Degree of honesty and openness, and
  • Involvement in local communities.

A good relationship also requires a willingness to listen, and true public relations is a two-way process. PR professionals recognize that to manage relationships, they must understand and respect public concerns and viewpoints. They must also go a step further, to serve as the public's advocate within an organization.

  • Using integrity and fairness as criteria for all business decisions;
  • Maintaining an emphasis on quality of products or services;
  • Openly sharing truthful information with all publics;
  • Actively seeking input from publics and being responsive to concerns;
  • Renewing a commitment to local communities; and
  • Creating forums to encourage dialogue with constituencies.

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